Why your “normal” thyroid labs could be wrong.

Thyroid issues are the most common overlooked or misdiagnosed issue I see in the women I work with.

Have you been told that your thyroid is “fine” or “within normal range”? But you are struggle with fatigue, brain fog, scale goes up/down without reason, you are sensitive to temperature changes, hair is falling out in clumps, and your anxiety is through the roof?

Most likely your doctor is only looking at TSH …. which isn’t even produced in the thyroid!! Then your doctor is looking at conventional ranges to tell if you that everything is “normal”. The issue with conventional ranges, is that they are based off of the population… which isn’t the healthiest these days. So to be “normal” within a sick population doesn’t tell you much.

This is why I look at FUNCTIONAL ranges because these are looking for OPTIMAL health! It frustrates me how many doctors miss thyroid issues because of lack of thorough, comprehensive testing. People are staying sick, tired, and frustrated for YEARS if not DECADES because they’ve been told they are “fine”.

Your doctor CANNOT assess your thyroid using conventional ranges. They CANNOT assess your thyroid without a FULL thyroid panel which most won’t run.

If you are done with the BS, if you are done feeling like you are crazy because you KNOW something is wrong and you’re not “fine”, then it’s time to take a deeper look!

Because your thyroid is connected to gut health, to your adrenals, and is vital to reproduction and fertility! If you think you have thyroid issues and especially if you are already on thyroid medication, then please reach out to get a thorough look at what’s happening inside your thyroid. Do not accept “normal” or “fine” when YOU know something is off!

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