Why is the US being hit so much harder?

Why is the US being hit so much harder?

The simple answer – we are sicker. We have more diseases, more underlying issues, and more co-morbidities. Value is placed on medical interventions instead of lifestyle changes. It’s time to see what isn’t being talked about.

Honestly, I’m not shocked that the US is being hit so hard by this virus. Viruses thrive in those with weaker immune systems, in those that are under greater amounts of stress, and those that already have compromised health. Unfortunately, that describes this country.

Let’s take a look at some statistics….

The leading causes of death in the United States PER YEAR:

  • Heart Disease – 647,457
  • Cancer – 599,108
  • Chronic lower Respiratory Disease – 160,383
  • Alzheimer’s – 121,400
  • Diabetes – 83,564
  • Influenza and pneumonia – 55,672

Deaths from COVID-19 in the US 147,674. Now, I know the year is not over yet but this needs to be looked at. The economy has been shut down for months, people have been sheltering in place for months. All that is seen and heard is about this virus. And yet, it has killed less people than the 3 leading causes of death by a long shot! So why are we not talking about ways to reduce heart disease, cancer, diabetes? Think about it. These are MORE deadly than the virus.

In addition, 99% of those that have passed away from COVID-19 had at least one other cause of morbidity, usually heart disease, obesity, or diabetes. 99%. Why is this statistic not being talked about? These diseases, the leading causes of death in the US, are mostly diseases that can be prevented or reversed with diet and lifestyle changes. However, that’s not sexy, that doesn’t make companies money, so it’s not what’s being talked about.

We are told to wear a mask and wait for a vaccine. Now, I’m not saying to not wear a mask, I just don’t want you to think that the mask is the key to this all. Wear a mask when you are out and about, be smart. However, also understand that the mask is more a form of social respect than actually being able to stop the spread. It can stop droplets from going into your mouth and nose, however, this virus is teeny tiny and can enter the body through other areas. In addition, breathing in your own CO2 all day long is toxic to the body. Your breath is one of the ways that you toxic chemicals, toxins, and help support your immune system. By wearing a mask all day, you are keeping those toxins in, creating stress to your body, and decreasing immune function – not what you want to stay healthy.

125 million Americans have diabetes or pre-diabetes. 125,000,000!! 95% is type II diabetes which can be improved if not reversed through proper nutrition and some lifestyle changes. There are simple, proved and effective actions that people can start taking TODAY to improve their health and it’s not what is being circulated.

And I’m frustrated. I’m frustrated that people are more concerned with making money than saving lives. I’m frustrated that people are being deceived by inaccurate information. I’m frustrated that people just want a simple solution instead of taking action.

So what can YOU do? What can YOU do today to start improving your health?SIMPLE things. Simple. So simple, yet so many of us don’t do them (don’t worry I’m guilty of it too!)

  1. Sleep! Magical sleep. Sleep is critical for immune health. Just one night of poor sleep negatively impacts the immune system.
  2. Drink water. Water helps to flush toxins out of the body, water is necessary for organs and tissues to function properly.
  3. Eat whole foods. Limit or eliminate the processed crap. Don’t worry about macros or ratios or calories. If it’s a whole food, looks like what it did coming out or off the land, then eat it! Getting fine-tuned with food can happen after the basics are tended to.
  4. Limit or eliminate alcohol. Did you know that alcohol is actually Group 1 carcinogen? Cancer causing. What have so many people been doing more of lately – drinking!
  5. Reduce your stress. Stress truly is the number 1 kill in my opinion. It wreaks havoc on the entire body, and is at the root of every chronic illness out there. You’ve got to reduce the stress from the environment (toxins, chemicals, negative people) and internal stress (negative thoughts and emotions as well as internal pathogens and dysfunction).
  6. Move your body. Exercise and movement is vital to not just physical health but mental health as well.
  7. SUNSHINE! Vitamin D baby! Sunlight helps to regulate hormones and immune function.
  8. Social interaction. Humans were created to be TOGETHER, not apart. We need social interaction in order to thrive. Find a group that you feel safe with and see them often. This is one area where shelter in place has done the most damage, keeping people apart. We need others MORE now than ever.

I love to be here to inspire, motivate, and help others heal. Sometimes, that means talking about uncomfortable things. Sometimes that means pushing others to look at things differently. Sometimes that means being a little controversial.

The clients I work with often have been failed by the modern model of health. Why keep trying something that doesn’t work. The healthcare system in place isn’t working. This country has gotten sicker, not healthier. If you are tired of not being heard, if you’re tired of being given a pill for every ill, if you’re tired of just managing symptoms and want to truly start to heal, then please reach out to me. There is another way. There is such much that you can do to improve your health naturally! Take these steps now, so when the next virus or pandemic comes (because it will) you know that your body is stronger and more resilient.

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