Why I chugged ½ a cup of olive oil

Why I chugged ½ a cup of olive oil

The other night I chugged ½ of cup of olive oil mixed with fresh squeezed grapefruit and lemon juice. Sounds pretty disgusting, right?

Actually, to be honest, I think that combo tastes pretty good! But you are probably thinking, why. Why would anyone drink that much olive oil? Isn’t that way too much fat? Isn’t that like 1000 calories?!

The reason I drank this was to help flush my liver of all the sludge (toxins, accumulated cholesterol, and fractions of fat) so that my liver and gallbladder can work more efficiently and effectively.

Why focus on the liver?

The liver is your master detoxification organ. It’s responsible for phase I, II, and III detoxification. Which means your liver is working around the clock to breakdown, transport, and eliminate all the toxins, chemicals, and excess hormones floating around the body.

There have been over 100,000 chemicals and toxins released into our environment since the 1940’s. On average, there are 2,000 new chemicals introduced every single year. Most of which are not being tested or studied for harmful effects.

Where are most of these toxins found:

  • Food
  • Water
  • Air
  • Transportation
  • Cleaning Products
  • Furniture
  • Personal care products

And your liver is responsible for processing ALL of these chemicals! Talk about being overworked and under payed. From an evolutionary standpoint, the liver was not created to deal with this type of chemical burden. So, without proper detoxification and support, the liver can be overloaded, begin to slow down, and create a cascade of issues within the body.

The liver not only handles processing toxins and chemicals, but it also helps to eliminate excess hormones. Therefore, if your liver is overwhelmed by these other toxins, then it is not able to excrete these other hormones and thus can lead to hormone imbalances that can show up as acne, severe PMS symptoms, endometriosis, weight gain, PCOS, unwanted hair growth, fat accumulation, just to name a few! The liver is also responsible for 20% of thyroid hormone production, so without a proper functioning liver, thyroid issues can follow.

This is why supporting your liver is vital to your health. The health of your liver effects the health and function of all other organs and systems in the body. Everything is connected!

Liver Flushing – what is it?

 It’s pretty much what it sounds like. It’s a way to flush out the liver. Inside the liver and gallbladder, there can be an accumulation of toxins, bile acids, cholesterol, and other fats. This can slow down the function of the liver and gallbladder. By flush out this waste, the liver and gallbladder will be able to function better; detox the body faster, produce thyroid hormone more, and even help with regulating blood sugar through the leptin response.

How to do a liver flush 

There are a couple ways to do a liver flush. There are one-day liver flushes and then even a 6-day liver flush. The basis of both of them are the same, however. The first part involves preparation. Preparing the body, the liver, and the gallbladder to expel the waste. This is done through dietary measures primarily with the help of some natural remedies. The goal here is to help soften the toxic and fatty materials that need to be pushed out of the liver.

The second part to the flush is aimed at getting the liver and gallbladder to make strong muscular contractions to force those materials out. This is accomplished through the use of certain mineral salts and of course oil. This is where that ½ cup of olive oil comes in, since the liver and gallbladder are what help to metabolize lipids (fats), the intake of a large amount of fat helps to activate the liver and gallbladder.

When doing a liver flush, you will be spending some time in the bathroom. In the beginning phase it will be more of your colon emptying and usually will be more watery than normal (diarrhea). The second phase is where things get …. Interesting. Since the liver and gallbladder are being flushed, and bile is usually green, what is typically seen are greenish-brown balls of various sizes. (If you dare, google liver flush and you will get a good idea of what comes out!) It is recommended that once you do one liver flush, to plan on doing them more regularly since you have now stirred things up and brought more of the waste to the front.

{Please consult with a practitioner before beginning a liver flush. Always do your first liver flush under the guidance of a practitioner.}

Yes, I know this sounds gross and like you would never want to do it, however, this is a very powerful holistic remedy. Not only are you clearing waste and back up from your liver and gallbladder so that they can function optimally, but it also helps to move stuck or stagnant energy and emotions. People report not only seeing improvements in their digestion after liver flushing, but also in their emotionally well-being (feeling happier, more positive, having more energy).

Want to know more about how to properly do a liver flush? Please message me at shannon@3leafhealth.com and I can send you the step by step instructions!

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