The Truth About Flu Season

The Truth About Flu Season…

There is no “flu season”. You can get the flu at any time regardless of what time of year it is! The flu doesn’t just magically reappear in October/November!

What people think of as “flu season” is simple a homeostatic change within the body due less sunlight, less movement, and additional stress (hello holidays!)

Looking to a shot or other quick fixes is not the way to avoid the flu. Instead focusing on up-regulating your own innate, natural immune system! Take probiotics, supplement with vitamin D + C (and really all vitamins!). Take immune boosting mushrooms like maitake, take echinacea, or try elderberry syrup. Drink lots of water!!

Do this YEAR ROUND!! You’ll be surprised how much better you feel, get sick far less, and recover much faster when/if you do get sick!

*as always, consult a doctor or healthcare practitioner before starting any supplements to avoid any contraindications!*

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