The ONE thing to take your health to the next level

The ONE thing that can take your health to the next level

Every day I receive countless emails (and texts now!) from different companies claiming to have the thing that is going to help me lose weight, gain more energy, and feel my best. If I just include this one thing all my problems will be fixed.

Here’s the real thing. While celery juice, intermittent fasting, carb cycling, collagen, (you get it right!) can most certainly add to your health and wellness, the real question is for how long.

How long are you going to fast for?
How long will you drink celery juice every morning?
How long will you take that supplement?

Want to know the real one thing you have to do to get to your goals?


With whatever it is you are doing; you have to be consistent to see the benefits. You have to commit to making _____ part of your lifestyle. Fads come and go. Trends come and go. Much like most people’s weight-loss/ health because there isn’t consistency.

There’s a lot of things can be done for 30 days, 60 days, 90 days. However, that’s not going to translate into lasting results unless you do it every day, unless it becomes back of your lifestyle.

Daily I am asked what I think of this diet or this supplement or this plan. And the truth is, I can’t keep up with all the fads out there, and quite frankly I don’t want to. Because I know that they don’t work for the long term unless someone can integrate them into their daily life.

The majority of my clients have tried that one thing (often many times or many different “one” things). And it’s the same story, “well it worked until I tried to go back to living normally.” “I lost the weight but then gained it all back plus some.” “I feel worse now than when I first started _____.”

This is why I fight using the word “diet”. Because diet implies something that is short-term, something that you will start and then stop. I believe in eating in a way that is congruent with not just your health goals but with your body. I believe in eating in a way that supports your body, your energy, your hormones, and your mood. I believe in balance. I truly believe that sometimes the healthiest thing you can do is eat the same cookie. I also believe in dialing in nutrition from time to time to help support optimal health. I believe in living life 90/10. 90% of the time eating in a way that fuels your health, and 10% eating in a way that fuels your mental health (enjoying time with family and friends and not be focused on the food).

Before you buy that one thing, ask yourself “am I going to do this every day? Is this going to become part of my lifestyle?”

If you need help figuring out a health plan that is right for you, made for your individual needs, and can become a sustainable lifestyle, reach out to me today!

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