3 Leaf Health and Wellness Packages

Discovery Session

30 minute session to explore your main health complaint, your health goals, and to ensure that you and Shannon will be a good fit for each other. The intention of this call is to discover some of the underlying issues that are creating barriers to reaching your goals. If you are sick of the cycle of trial and error and ready to get real results, book your call today!

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Nutrition Consulting Packages

Are you dealing with digestive issues, pain + inflammation, weight gain, fatigue? Have you gone to your doctor(s) but left without answers? Have you tried ever diet and exercise program out there but still not met your goals? Instead of continuing the this cycle and building your frustration with your health, let's uncover the hidden stressors and root issue instead of managing symptoms.

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Ultimate Detox & Gut Healing Program

Just by living in this world, our bodies take a major hit. We breathe in polluted air and eat foods with toxins in them. All these chemicals and toxins can create gut issues, lead to weight gain, and cause other imbalances in the body (hormones, food sensitivities, mood, etc.) This program will reduce inflammation, increase energy, help support the body’s detoxification pathways, and give the digestive system some added support for working so hard!

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Mindset Healing

Our minds have the power to heal, but they also have the power to harm. I’ve found that most people know “what to do” but struggle with actually doing it. Uncover the mindset and limiting beliefs that are holding you back from making the changes you desire.

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This program is designed to help you restore your body, mind, and spirit. Restore is about igniting a new, better relationship with our bodies and our minds.

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