Holiday Survival Guide


It’s the most wonderful time of the year!! Lights and decorations are up everywhere! Fires are roaring! And all the holiday treats and drinks are everywhere!! While it’s a time of magical wonder and awe, it’s also a time of year where most of us tend to overdo it with the cookies and eggnog!

The average American gains 8-15 pounds between Halloween and New Years! For most, it takes most of the year to lose that! So this year, let me help you not get trapped in this vicious cycle of undoing a whole year’s worth of hard work in just a matter of weeks. And the best part about my survival guide – you still get to ENJOY the holidays! Enjoy all the festivities, enjoy the food, and enjoy the drinks!

The holidays are meant to be enjoyed, thorough! However, there is balance and moderation to be found in a time where most people are over-indulging. Here are my tips for not just surviving the holidays, but enjoying them even more than years past!

10 Tips to A Jolly Holiday without a Jolly Belly!
1. Focus on the memories. The holidays are a time to be with friends and family, so keep the focus on making some amazing new memories with those people. Let food and libations be secondary. I find that people put all the emphasis on food and drink, when what we all are craving is quality time with people. So whether you are hosting or attending a party, make the conscious effort to truly connect to those people!

2. MOVE. Every day move your body. Whether that’s going on a walk in the neighborhood, riding your Peloton, getting to the gym, or just doing some pushups and jumping jacks in your living room… move your body some way every single day.

3. Get outside! I know, it’s colder outside, but don’t use that as an excuse to stay inside watching Netflixs! Getting fresh air is critical to helping our bodies stay regulated during the winter months. Natural sunlight helps to regulate our hormones and fresh air helps our immune system. Make a family outting of it – bring the kids, bring the grandparents, get everyone in on it! Makes it festive and more fun to have family and friends join you!

4. Two drink max. Some of you might not like me for this one! Honestly no drinks would be better but trying not to lose all friends right now! Alcohol not only lowers inhibition, but it also lowers your metabolism by 70%!! So keep that in mind as the spiked egg nog is being passed around!

5. Eat the thing you REALLY want!! I know that the holidays bring some of my favorite foods! My mom’s persimmon pudding is something I wait all year for and you better believe I have a piece!! So if you know that there is something you really want, have it. Don’t waste your calories on food just because it is there.

6. Be mindful and present. This one is two fold. First, be present and mindful with the people you are around during the holidays. Some you might not see but once a year, so be present with them. Two, when you do enjoy that food you really want, be present and mindful with it! Don’t just scarf it down without truly tasting it! Thoroughly enjoy each and every bite, you’ll be way more satisfied this way!

7. Give yourself Grace!  There might be a party that you completely over do it with the wine or the dessert table or the cheese platter! It’s okay! Don’t beat yourself up over it. Shame and guilt doesn’t do us any service. Move on!

8. Leave Early. You know that old saying nothing good happens after 2am… well, it’s more like you’re best sleep happens between 10pm-midnight. And sleep is vital to your health and SO important in regulating all systems and functions in your body, including blood sugar! So not only will leaving early save you from unnecessary food, drinks, and poor decisions, it will also boost your overall health!

9. It’s okay to say NO! Just because you get a party invite does not mean that you have to go! You have the right to say no. There are so many parties, events, and what not, that it can be overwhelming and down right stressful to try to make it to all of them. And holiday stress is a recipe for packing on the pounds. Increased stress only increases cravings for sugar and carbs, as well as increases our cortisol levels (cortisol is a fat storing hormone! Not what we want under the Christmas tree!)

10. Take a time out. Take time for YOU! Whether it’s simply stepping outside and away from everyone to just take a deep breath, or going to get your hair done, take time for yourself. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the holiday chaos, that you forget to take time to center yourself. Again, being a stressed out mess isn’t a jolly time for anyone! So don’t forget to put yourself on that “to-do” list!!

And if you do end up drinking too much, eating all the things, and find yourself a little rounder at the beginning of the year… that’s okay too! I got you covered! I’ll be starting the year out with a total mind and body reset! Want more info on this? Just send me a message!

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