Are toxins keeping you from losing weight?

Are toxins keeping you from losing weight? The missing link that weight-loss programs and diets miss (on purpose!)

Have you been working out and eating right but finding that the scale just won’t move? Have you tried every diet out there, lose some weight, and then gain it back once you “eat normally”? Or do you find that no matter what measures you take, you don’t see any progress?

Last week, I reviewed toxins – where to find them, how to reduce exposure to them, and how to support your body’s detoxification capabilities. If you missed that, take a moment and read it here!

While I have a lot of clients come to me completely lost as to what to eat and how to reach their goals, I also have many clients that have been working out for years and eating clean but still find that their weight won’t budge, they are constantly tired, and are just sick of trying and getting nowhere. When diet and exercise aren’t working, it’s time to dig deeper.

Addressing underlying imbalances are crucial in helping my clients attain their goals. Sometimes this means rebalancing hormones and blood sugar, addressing a thyroid issue, shifting the mindset, or increasing sleep while reducing stress. However, tackling toxins is essential if you want to lose fat and not have it return.

Why? Because there is an intimate relationship between fat and toxins. Your body is ALWAYS looking to protect you, that’s the body’s number one priority. When toxins enter the body, your body wants to reduce the harmful effects that toxins can have on the body. It does this by engulfing the toxins in… FAT! That fat is literally there to protect you. The fat that you demonize, criticize yourself about, and wish would just go away is actually protecting you!

That fat will not go anywhere until the toxins are addressed and taken care of. This is why so many diets and programs don’t work for the long term – because they do not address the underlying toxins. That’s why you may lose some weight initially and then gain in back; those fat cells are still there, protecting the body from toxins.

Even many detoxes and cleanses on the market do not actually address removing these toxins. They focus on vegetables and juices, most eliminate or greatly reduce protein which is essential for detoxification; while they may reduce inflammation and get rid of excess bloat, it’s not getting to these hidden toxins.

In addition to not seeing the scale budge, here are other signs that you are in need of a {real, therapeutic} detox:

  • Constantly tired
  • More susceptible to sickness or having a hard time recovering from an illness
  • Mood swings
  • Poor memory, brain fog, hard time concentrating
  • Trouble falling or staying asleep
  • Skin issues
  • Strong food cravings, especially for sugar
  • Strong body odor

Before you go purchase a ridiculously priced juice cleanse or try get another diet to lose weight, talk to me first. Remember that detoxification is more than taking supplements. It requires the right nutrition, adequate sleep, proper exercise intensity, and the right mindset (this last one might be the hardest of them all!) There may be some underlying reasons for why you are not seeing progress despite your best efforts. If you want to ditch the toxins and start reaching your goals, schedule a breakthrough session with me now.

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