The Story of 3 Leaf Health + Wellness

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Shannon Miller
Holistic Nutritionist


I’m the founder of 3 Leaf Health + Wellness and am obsessed with all things hormone, digestion, and immune related. I work with driven women who want to get to the root of their fatigue and female issues so they can fall in love with their bodies again.

After years of hormone imbalance, adrenal fatigue, and my own battle with an autoimmune disease, I felt like I was constantly at war with my own body. I tried every diet and supplement on the market that promoted increasing energy, reducing inflammation, and giving me the body I wanted. I spent thousands of dollars on trial and error solutions, never finding the right plan that fit me perfectly.

I spent countless hours going to see doctors and specialist, but none of them took the time to listen to me, to hear me, to fully understand that. They poked and prodded, just to tell me that everything "looked fine" even though I didn't feel fine.

I got tired. I got frustrated. I got fed up. I was tired of being at war with my body. I was tired of being dismissed by doctors, thinking that I was making it up or that it was just in my head. I was tired of feeling like I was crazy. I was tired of wasting money on pills, powders, and products just looking for some kind of answer.

It wasn't until I sought out a holistic approach to my issues that I started to find relief, that I started to heal. Most of my journey thus far was spent being segmented and treated based upon symptoms instead of being looked at as a whole, complete person. However, my hormone imbalances, my digestive issues, and ultimately my autoimmune disease, didn't come from one single issue; they came from a collection of issues that were effecting every system and function of my body. That's why conventional medicine wasn't working, they weren't looking at the whole picture.

A huge part of my healing journey involved renegotiating the relationship I had with food and the relationship I had with myself. This was a big missing piece for me, healing of the body must include healing of the mind. I could not heal a body that I hated. This helped me to heal a lot of old wounds and traumas that I had from my past.

My own experience drives me on a daily basis to help people differently. To listen to their struggles, to understand where they have been and what their goals for the future our. I know what it feels like to be told it's all in my head, to be told that my issues were normal and to not worry, I was told that if I just managed what I ate I would be fine.

Instead of just trying to manage symptoms, I help my clients pinpoint the hidden imbalances that have been keeping them feeling tired, uncomfortable, and in pain so they can bring balance back to their lives and chase after their dreams. If I can heal, you can too. And you do not have to do it alone.

My Approach

I help women with complex hormone, digestion, and autoimmune challenges go from frustrated and in pain to confident and in love with their bodies by taking a completely individualized approach.

I empower clients by teaching them a model of self-care to relieve a variety of health complaints and improve overall wellbeing. Using a functional diagnostic and holistic approach, I help to identify healing opportunities (within the hormone, gut and immune systems, etc.) that are creating dysfunction or imbalance in the body. Then, we work together to restore balance in the body using tools to improve diet, rest, exercise, stress reduction and natural supplementation to promote the healing process.

To help you better understand my process, here are some insights into my functional health coaching approach:


A series of lab tests and questionnaires are used to uncover hidden stressors and identify healing opportunities.  Most of the lab tests are self-administered and are saliva or urine based, and some require a stool or blood sample (and a possible trip to a lab for the blood draw). Based upon the client’s main health complaints, I will recommend specific lab test(s) to do the detective work.


Using the results from the questionnaires and lab tests, we can identify:

  • How well the body is responding to stress (or in most cases how it’s NOT responding at all).
  • How the body is robbing itself of hormones to create other hormones that it is lacking.
  • How healthy the gut is (or isn’t); if parasites, bacteria or yeast are present and creating toxic overload.
  • How clogged the liver might be creating a back up in all the bodily systems.
  • And which foods you may be intolerant to which are creating an inflammatory response.

I want people to live their best lives feeling confident in their skin and energized to take on life and live it to its fullest. However, I know what it feels like to struggle, to be at war with my own body, to be lost about how to feel better. I want to put an end to trial and error cycle that so many of my clients have been on. I want to take the guesswork out of health and provide people with a custom, practical, and sustainable lifestyle plan that has them feeling (and looking) good again!