10 tips to boost your mental health

Mental health issues do not have one look. They do not effect one population, one race, one socio-economic status. Sometimes the person that appears the happiest is the person that is hurting the most. You just never know.

That’s important to understand. You just never know. You don’t know someone else’s experience. You don’t know what they have been through or what they are going through. I truly believe that understand this, and starting to have empathy, and willingness to listen to someone else’s experience can be revolutionary for bringing true change. {But I digress!}

Maintaining mental health is key to achieving physical health. The effects that stress, anxiety, depression, and fear have on the body are real. It’s impossible to heal the physical without addressing the mental and emotional hurt, pain, and trauma. I know this all too well, because there are still traumas from my own past that have not been addressed completely and they are holding me back from being my best self. However, that’s a blessing that I see in life, I see it as an opportunity to do more work on myself – to grow, to get uncomfortable, so that I can change and be better.

10 Ways to Boost your Mental Health TODAY

1. Talk about your feelings. Identify what you are feeling and share that with someone else. Keeping everything locked up inside of you will not help you heal. You have to let those emotions OUT.
2. Stay active. Being active helps to release stress and creates endorphins that make you feel good, that make you feel alive and energized.
3. Eat well. The foods you eat have a direct impact on your mood. The wrong foods can actually perpetuate and increase feelings of anxiety and depression. Foods have an impact on the brain and brain chemistry, so eating well can help to boost cognitive function, clarity, and promote calmness.
4. Take a break. While distracting yourself by being “busy” has its time and place, so does down time. Carve out time for you, where you can do something that you enjoy, that makes you feel good.
5. Keep in touch. Reach out to people that you trust. It’s natural to want to withdraw and hide, but sickness loves isolation. Do the opposite thing and reach out. Even if you can’t physically be with others right now, you can call them or have video calls. If you are up for it, go on a walk with someone or meet at a park. Connect with others.
6. Do something you’re good at. Whatever it is you are good at, do it! This helps to build a sense of competency and that helps to boost autonomy and a level of confidence. Doing something you are good at pushes back those feelings of being worthless or not good enough.
7. Accept who you are. This is a big one and a hard one. Trying to deny who you are or how you feel just creates more problems. Stop fighting who you are and what is, and embrace it and accept it. You can only change what you are willing to accept first.
8. Care for others. Being of service to other people is one of the fastest ways to get out of yourself. Caring for someone else, doing something for someone else, gets you out of your head and gets you focused on something else. I truly think this is one of the best things for mental health.
9. Cry. Crying is not just good for mental health, but it literally releases excess stress hormones from your body. I think of crying as the 5th detoxification pathway because it releases so much of that “ick” that is stuck inside. Don’t be afraid to just let it out.
10. ASK FOR HELP! Seems like the obvious one right?! However, it’s the obvious one that is always the hardest. I get it! You don’t want others to see you struggle, you don’t want others to know you aren’t “perfect”, you don’t want to be seen as weak. However, the strongest, bravest, and more courageous thing you can do is ask for help.

I hope you know that if you are struggling mentally right now, you are not alone. I’m there with you and so many people that I have spoken to the last few weeks and especially the last few days are right there too. There is HOPE. There is a way to move through and past this. However, you have to take action! Just like you aren’t magically going to grow biceps, you also aren’t magically going to resolve mental health problems by sitting and doing nothing. You must take action. But, you DO NOT have to do it alone!

If you need extra support and love right now, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We need each other more today than ever before. I’m always here for you!

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