Empowering women to rebuild their health and reclaim their happiness

So you can stop fighting against your body and start falling in love with yourself again… or for the first time

Comprehensive holistic approach to healing.

Next level functional lab testing.

Guidance, support, and accountability from someone that has been there too.

5-Day Mind + Body Reset

Looking for a place to get started on your healing journey? This reset brings in simple nutrition and mindfulness practices to help you lay a foundation for the rest of your journey. 

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3 Leaf Health -5 Day Mind + Body Reset


Are you ready to get off birth control and naturally support your hormones? Are you looking or trying to get pregnant but need to get your hormones balanced? Are you struggling to feel confident in your skin and like your body is working against you? Let’s bring your body and mind back to life.


Are you tired of feeling bloated after eating? Struggling with consistency with bathroom visits? Confused about what to eat to help you feel good and avoid discomfort? Say hello to answers and solutions to correct chronic digestion symptoms.


Are you done struggling with pain, inflammation, and fatigue? Do you feel like you are constantly dealing with new symptoms despite your best efforts? Do you feel like you are at war with your own body? Discover the hidden cause of your issues and even stop autoimmune diseases in their tracks and support your immune system naturally.

What Our Clients Say

When I began working with Shannon, I had been attempting a very specific diet to help with a health issue I have. After 6 months of trying to do this on my own, I was causing myself more harm than good. When I approached Shannon, I was frustrated and ready to give up. I had resolved to solely rely on prescribed medication to control my disease. I thought I would give it one more try. After our initial meeting, I felt at ease knowing I would have a personal program designed for me that was attainable and not overwhelming. A food plan was created for me based on foods I liked and was already eating. Like anything new it was not easy in the beginning, but Shannon was encouraging and always available for my many many questions. I have never felt better and I am happy to say I am not on a diet, but I have a new lifestyle that I love.

Joanna M.

Shannon is absolutely amazing!  She gets to the heart of each person's personal journey, their why.  That helped me so much because my goals became clearer to stick to and attain.  And eating healthy is a gift to yourself, something I never ever considered.  The food nourishes your mind, body and soul. Shannon helped me understand and get to my why so that I could stay on my journey.  And I completed my first 5K Spartan with her words, "Do it Michelle, just do it."  You won't go wrong working with Shannon.  She's THE best!

Michelle J.

Shannon is extremely passionate about educating us about what goes in our bodies. But mostly she is passionate about the whole picture. Your body, mind & soul it’s all connected ! Shannon treats every patient as an individual case. No one size fits everyone.

Mary W.


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